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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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it was stressful this i am here,t now that things will be ok. this bride was in the aftermath of the blizzard. the event on time. they have not made a decision on , but itoon destination will be somewhere warm. it is an important day. the wedding was today? that decision with the weather. all right. >> let's not even get started on the groom. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 40's. rain on monday. look at temperatures. in the 50's.
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there will be a cool down on wednesday. a lot of it has to do with the temperatures and systems coming together. there could be kind of coastal storm. that means we are not sure. >>
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news, saturday night extra. a massive winter storm. the winter coat is more than three feet deep in some places. causedwind has widespread power outages. drivers are stranded. the snow was relentless. at most, 38 inches in
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connecticut were timeout video shows this piling up. wins addedhase misery to the mess. did not know how rough it was going to get. scary and deadly. and 11 note was overcome with poisoning while staying in the car while his tried to get them out of a snow bank. -- an 11-year-old boy was monoxidewith carbon theoning while staying in car while his father try to get them out of a snow bank. a lot are getting stuck on the intersections. the snow started accumulating. that was it. the aftermath continues from theeadaches today cars still stuck on streets on .ong island >> i should try to rent a car. take the train.
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try to fly. nothing is moving. we are stranded. massachusets starts to clean coastalthe intense and mounds of snow. those who call this home are make the most of what mother nature left behind. it is one of those things where you can make a snowman. hard to think about summer, for the homes and without power tonight. reporting live, abc 7 news, boston. we will hear from steve rudin in a few moments. can get updates any time by ,eading to our website .> pakistan, somalia protesters disrupted the
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senate committee hearing. dronerotested the program. it has drawn criticism. they promise more transparency in the future. leon panetta spoke out about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. citizens from. responding in time to save lives. it told a senate panel there of ano specific signs imminent attack him because he last september. ambassador stephens and three other americans were killed in the attack. push for gun control in big crowds this , including president obama. lawmakers discussed firearms. that includes fingerprinting and
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more restrictive ground checks by making gun owners take a safety class. this new idea did not sit well rights activists. there is so much legislation , we if you added any more told lose all opportunity have a gun. mark gray something needs to to prevent violence. limiting magazine sizes and banning assault rifles is a first step. annapolis police have found the body of a toddler they say was killed by her mother. they were looking for the body in a facility. the mother confessed to killing her two-year-old daughter. she says she smothered her and the girl posing body in a at the apartment complex. a jury has convicted in the
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murder of a north carolina eenager. of second-d guilty in the death of barnes. she was killed while visiting her half-sister in baltimore. she was later found in the river. in the meantime, a herndon to aas pleaded guilty shooting. this 28-year-old faced weapon winning a security guard last august. -- for shooting a security a message onmake gay marriage. there was a smashing grab at jewelry store. tuesday.o was taken on guns and in waving ordered everyone to the floor. display cases and
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merchandise. no one inside was hurt. they were calm. it is because of them that we are all say. a customer saw three men with and to the store. they were able to track the getaway vehicle. one.have arrested police are on the lookout for whoever threw a fire bomb into a local deli. they're trying to figure out what prompted such an attack. it happened on richmond highway lorton. f goldberg has the story. colberg has a story. it was surreal. >> she manages a thrift shop next door. moments before, a man asked to use her bathroom. she told him they do not have
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any for the public. he went next door and i heard an explosion. they saw smoke and ran over. >> he was staggering. were you scared? >> within minutes, fairfax firefighters put out the fire to aransport the owner burn unit and d.c. try to piece together what happened. a so-called incendiary device detonated inside the shop. they didn't know if it was thrown in or carried inside. we're not sure if it was a device or a bomb. witnesses report seeing one the scene. they're looking for at least , possibly two suspects. they have great sympathy for the victim. i jerry also the about the crime. -- and curiosity up the crime.
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>> a relationship likely turned into a nightmare. one woman struggled with an ex ever turman to hurt her. --trying to hurt her. >> clear skies. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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it is a story you will only see on 7. be careful who you date. a met awoman thought she nice man on the plane. -- the romantic soured.ship he launched an internet war. her reputation had been ruined. her life became a living hell. this mother and her daughter in arlington courthouse, hoping it was finally over. i did not think he was going to be crazy. they're talking about 47- stimon. bruce over the next eight months, they became friends and then lovers. showered her with gifts and it on hisand put family plan.
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that is how he got info on all of her friends and contacts. that is how it started. he told people that i had std's. she ended the relationship, but the attacks were just beginning. he put her contact info on sex .ites the bank fired her. >> after he got me fired, there havingicture of me intercourse with him. a video he secretly taped and sent to all of her daughter' twitter followers. everyone was asking me, is your mother a porn star? no, she is nighot. he then put the mother and porn sites. men would be outside waiting and knocking. cominge the attacks are
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, it computers in boston was hard for officers to get their hands on him. she was physically -- she believes she was physically in danger. res,shed her ties the officers caught him. he was caught slashing her to we were -- tires while watching him. he faces seven years based on extortion. people are diabolical as they always were. we can finally live a normal life again. it feels good. nature,te the sensitive mother and daughter on camera to clear their names. they are not prostitutes. they were the victims of a cyber from a boyfriend from hell.
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sam ford, abc 7 news. that sums it up. that is insane. the boy scouts of america have to allow gayste into the organization. they need -- they need more time to weigh in on the issue. there are 1.4 million signatures. president obama even weighed in on the issue. the scouts are a great that are promoting and exposing them and leaderships people for the rest of their lives. i do not think anyone should be barred for that. keeping the ban is texas erry.nor rick p he says sexuality should not be of them. >> the blizzard is forcing many
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theaters to close. there is a psychological thriller that will have you .uessing [ dad ] find it?
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welcome back. mainly clear skies outside. 33 degrees. the wind chill factor is up to 25 degrees. 46 is the average.
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it did feel a lot colder with the wind gusts. 35 miles per hour. 30 degrees in alexandria. george washington university at 34. temperatures across the board are holding in that 20's and low dirty's. -- 30's. they have a lot of snow on the ground. temperatures are cold. only 15 in boston at this hour. wind chill factors are in the single digits. a coastal storm is now well gone. high pressure will build overhead for tonight. there'll be clear skies and a beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning. clouds again later in the day. light snow showers. not much to talk about now across boston. at one point yesterday,
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connecticut were picking up about six inches of snow per hour. thank goodness this is all gone. temperatures will drop during hours.rnight tomorrow morning, we start with .unshine out to the west, clouds will begin to increase. with the clouds will come rain. this will happen late tomorrow night. by monday afternoon, the rain is out of here. temperatures will jump into that 50's.s -- we could be looking at some chilly weather by next weekend. mainly clear and cold for tonight. 18-25 degrees. tomorrow we will start with sunshine. in the afternoon the clouds will arrive. temperatures will go up and down just a little bit.
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center stage at the box office weekend is a psychological miller with a
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span. -- psychological thriller with a spin. a thriller about prescription is just what the dr. ordered. how are you? >> rooney mara struggles with ."pression in "side effects one of the pills pushes her over the edge -- or does it? no sign of worse entry or struggle. >> >> "side effects" has a great .ast with catherine zeta jones it never does what you expect and surprise. 3.5 stars. "side effects" is just what the doctor ordered. >> bateman catches melissa
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mccartney ripping off his "identity thief." couple half stars. good for a few laughs. d "r stars for "lincoln" an "rgo. gets 3.5 stars. "warm bodies" 3 stars. a couple and a half offor " ."entity thief bullet to thea "ead. have a great weekend, everybody. , abc 7h campbell


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